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Hussey Seating has a long tradition of providing high quality telescopic seating designed to deliver the maximum flexibility from any gymnasium, arena, or multi-use space. They know that the key to developing and providing the perfect telescopic seating solution is an understanding of each customer’s unique needs. Collaborating with our customers and applying our seating expertise delivers a seating solution that makes the most of your multi-use space every single day – not just game day.


Hussey Seating’s telescopic bleachers can be topped with a variety of different seating solutions. Choices range from classic wood benches to individual polymer seat modules, backrests, seat spacers and even cup holder options. With all the seating and row spacing options available you can leave cookie-cutter bleachers behind and get the perfect telescopic system to match your facility’s specific needs.


Herk Edwards, Inc. is the exclusive Hussey Seating Company and Hussey Seatway Dealership of Southern California. Hussey telescopic bleachers and platforms allow you to accommodate big crowds, small intimate gatherings and everything in-between.  Safe, easy operation, reliable performance, great looks, innovative upgrades and the industry’s best warranty make Hussey Seating your clear choice.

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